Commenters應用程式 私隱政策

Commenters Mobile App Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is made in accordance with Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong laws (“the Ordinance”). Unless otherwise specified, words and phrases in this Privacy Policy shall be construed in light of the Ordinance.


  • 收集、儲存及使用你的個人資料
    1. 應用程式的開發方(下稱「開發方」)會直接向你收集你的姓名及電郵地址作帳號登記用途,開發方可能會同時透過你的電郵地址得知你的就讀學校。
    2. 開發方或會以上述已有的個人資料,用作核對你是否符合資格取得優惠及特別權限,以及在將來可能舉行的現實活動中辨認你的身份。
    3. 開發方或會透過本應用程式匿名地收集你的使用數據,以幫助開發方改善本應用程式的功能。
    4. 開發方或會不時收集你其他的個人資料作指定用途,有關收集將在屆時表明,並受本私隱政策約束。
    5. 開發方會以安全的電子系統儲存你的個人資料,並會在相關個人資料失去其指明用途後即時刪除相關紀錄。


  • 披露你的個人資料
    1. 除在本部分其他條文所述的情況下,開發方不會在沒有你的同意下,向任何第三方披露你的個人資料。
    2. 開發方可能會在法律要求或法庭命令外,被強制交出你的個人資料。
    3. 開發方有權向適當的政府或司法機關披露你的個人資料,以達致符合法規或防止罪案等目的。


  • 更改或刪除你的個人資料
    1. 如你希望更改你的個人資料,請電郵至 [email protected] 聯絡開發方。
    2. 你有權要求開發方刪除你提供給開發方的個人資料,但此舉會影響開發方向你提供服務的能力。


  1. Collecting, storing and using your personal data
    1. The developer of the App (“the Developer”) will collect your name and email address directly from you, for the purpose of registering an account for you in the App. The Developer may also be able to know the school you are studying at through your email address.
    2. The Developer may use the aforesaid personal data to check whether you are eligible for discounts and special access offered by the App, and to confirm your identity in possible future real-life events.
    3. The Developer will collect usage data of the App from you anonymously, in order to help the Developer to improve the App.
    4. The Developer may collect other personal data from you from time to time. Such collection will be notified to you at that time, and the personal data you provide in these cases will also be protected by this Privacy Policy.
    5. The Developer will use a safe electronic system to store your personal data, and will remove your personal data once it no longer serves the specified purpose.


  1. Disclosing your personal data
    1. The Developer will not disclose your personal data to any third parties without your consent, unless it falls under the descriptions in other paragraphs of this section.
    2. The Developer may be forced to submit your personal data to the authorities under legal requirements or court orders.
    3. The Developer may disclose your personal data to appropriate government or judicial authorities, to fulfil legal compliance or prevent crime.


  1. Changing or deleting your personal data
    1. If you wish to change the personal data you have provided, please contact the Developer through email at [email protected] .
    2. You may request the Developer to delete the personal data you have provided, but please note that this will affect the Developer’s ability to provide service to you.